About GMOs Testing: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) GM technology adoption in agriculture expanded rapidly in the past decades. Genetically modified crops are now cultivated at about 10% of the global arable land surface, and in some regions like the US the GMO rate is above 90% for soybeans and corn.
New GMOs are regularly being approved and commercially planted, and the genetic constructs of these new GMOs vary significantly from those of the known GMOs, which can have a substantial impact on complex analysis strategies.

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CRMs for quantitation of GMOs

Control DNA GMOs

  • Bt11
  • MON 810
  • Genomic DNA Bt11
  • Genomic DNA DP356043-5
  • Genomic DNA Roundup Ready™ soy
  • Genomic DNA DAS-81419 soy
  • MIR162
  • LL62