About ABX:
Manufacturing and development of chemicals for nuclear medicine.
ABX is the world’s leading supplier of 18F positron emission tomography (PET) precursors and reagent kits and cassettes, including, but not limited to, kits for FDG, FLT, F-Choline, NaF, F-Miso and FET. Specializing in the manufacture and development of chemicals for nuclear medicine, ABX’s cGMP-approved laboratories, class 100 clean rooms and cGMP radiochemistry development hot lab uniquely position ABX to provide complete PET and SPECT chemistry solutions to radiochemists and radiopharmacists worldwide. ABX’s radiochemistry hot lab is equipped with most of the leading commercial PET tracer synthesis boxes and allows ABX to assist customers with the optimization and development of new tracers.


Product Category

  • Ge-68/Ga-68 Generators
  • MIBG Hemisulfate (GMP)
  • MDP (Methylenediphosphonic acid)
  • S-Benzoyl-MAG-3
  • Disofenin
  • ECD
  • DOTA-TATE acetate (GMP)
  • DOTA-[Pro1,Tyr4]bombesin (1-14)
  • DOTA-Ubiquicidin (29-41) acetate
  • DOTA-NOC acetate
  • PSMA-11