IRMM IRMM and ERM® certified reference materials
Environmental analysis Nuclear research Reference materials and measurements Food, biotechnology and health
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Veterinary-Drug Veterinary Drug Residues
beta-Agonists, Quinolones Nitrofuran Metabolites Nitroimidazoles, Sulfonamides, etc.
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NIST NIST Standard Reference Materials®
SRM NIST supplies industry, academia, government, and other users with over 1200 reference materials of the highest quality and metrological value.
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Mycotoxin Mycotoxin
Full line of food and feed related mycotoxins.
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Measurement-science Measurement science and standards
CRMs for environmental, biotoxin, food, nutritional supplement and stable isotopic analysis.
- List of biotoxin products
- List of inorganic products
- List of organic products

Forensic-Drug Forensic Drug Analysis
Forensic drug reference materials.
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