Agro-Food Analysis
Agro-Food Diagnostic kits
Reagent mixtures
Carbohydrate tablet tests
Protease tablet tests
Soluble chromogenic substrates
Insoluble (cross linked) chromogenic substrates
> Enzymes
> Lectins
> Polysaccharides
> Oligosaccharides
> Cofactors and stains
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Nano Materials
Nanomaterials > PEG Derivatives
> Nanoparticles & Beads
> Biopolymers & Conjugates
> Labels & Cross-linkers
> Bioactive Molecules
> Slides & Arrays
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Chemicals Standard
Chemicals-Standard Veterinary Drug Residues
> Biotoxin
Forensic Drug Analysis
Environmental  analysis
Nuclear research
> Reference materials and measurements
> Food, biotechnology and health
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Isotopes Labeled Compounds
Isotopes-Labeled-Compounds Deuterium Labelled Products
Stable (non-radioactive) isotopes
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High Purity Lipid & Fatty acid
High-Purity-Lipid-&-Fatty-acid Fatty Acids and Ester Homologs (Saturated and Unsaturated, Odd and Even Chains)
Acid Chlorides
Fatty Alcohols
> Fatty Acetates
> Cholesteryl Esters
> Alkyl-Methane-Sulfonates
> Soaps of Fatty Acids
> Wax Esters
> Standard Reference Mixtures
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Chemicals for Nuclear Medicine
Pharma-Grade > Biomedical compounds
> Peptides
> Radiation Therapy
> Radiopharma
> chemicals for nuclear medicine
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Phytochemicals Standard
Phytochemicals-&-Botanical > Anthocyanes
> Iridoids
> Alkaloids
> Essential oils
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Plant Pathogens Diagnostics
Plant-Pathogens-Diagnostics > Antisera for DAS-ELISA & Immunofluorescense
Bacterial Pathogens
Fungal Pathogens
Viral Pathogens
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GMO Detection
GMO-Detection CRM for Quantification of GMOs
Qualitative real-time PCR GMOs and plant species
Conventional PCR: GMO and plant species
Quantitative real-time GMO PCR
Control DNA GMOs
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Fuel Cell Materials
Fuel-Cell-Materials > Interconnect Coatings
Hydrogen Generation
> Solid Oxide Fuel Cells  (SOFC) Components
SOFC Powders & Pastes
SOFC Processing
SOFC Testing
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Miscellaneous > Amino acids
> Unnatural amino acids and their derivatives
> Peptide reagents
> Resins
> Nucleosides
> Diagnostic chemicals and tissue culture reagents
> Molecular bio chemicals etc.
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