Company name: Power Tech Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Abbreviation: PTCI
Established: April, 2009
Head office: 1/128 Prayasuren 39 Alley, Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa, Bangkok, 10510. THAILAND.
Power Tech Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (PTCI) was established in 2009 from a group of people with an education in science and more than 10 years of experience in chemical marketing and logistics. Ask yourself this question: among so many companies selling a variety of products, how many of them would be capable of supplying you THE products that you actually need.
At PTCI, we strive to provide a variety of products as requested by our customers, taking into account the variation in brands, manufacturers, countries of origin, to name but a few.
PTCI has experience in seeking for products of your choice from almost all branches of science and technology. As a chemical industry is big enough, forcing you to spend several days (or weeks) seeking for right products within the budget; and as importing is fairly complicated and time-consuming, let PTCI finds for you the products that you actually need, within a minimum amount of time, for your maximum satisfaction.
PTCI imports and distributes high quality chemical products for the use as standard materials for analysis. Our customers span a wide range sections, including governmental laboratories, universities, and private companies.
We select and offer chemicals with the highest quality from different parts of the world, which will fit with our customers’ needs regarding the purity, accuracy, precision, reliability, and traceability.
Our experiences in logistics are an important part of our success where we can response to our customers in a timely manner. At PTCI, our philosophy is to reliably supply high quality products in a time as short as possible, with the aim of maximizing the satisfaction of the customers.
Form over 10 years of experiences, we pride ourselves as a business partner for scientists in a wide range of discipline. Our job is to speed up the process where certain types of chemicals with specified requirements are required, so that the customers can accomplish what they want quicker.
Tell us what you actually need, and leave the rest to us!
We have worked in the following business sections:

  1. Agro-Food Analysis, Megazyme
  2. Nanomaterials
  3. Chemical Standards
  4. Isotopes Labeled Compounds
  5. High Purity Lipids & Fatty acids
  6. Chemicals for Nuclear Medicine
  7. Phytochemical Standards
  8. Plant Pathogens Diagnostics
  9. GMO Detection
  10. Fuel Cell Materials
The ten sections of business shown above represent a majority of research currently conducted in Thailand. We are proud of ourselves that we can supply products to several business sectors. While other companies might focus on one particular kind of products, our strategy is to search for what our customers actually need based on the information provided to us. Several of our customers come to us, appreciate in the quality of the services we offer, and remain active customers.
We response to our customers’ needs individually, on a one by one basis. We do not collect several orders and process them at once to save logistic costs. Instead, each order will be processed immediately after being received, so that products will be delivered to the customers in a time as short as possible. Our quotations are unique, in that the specifications of the products therein will meet your requirements, no matter how detailed or stringent they are. Should the questions arise along the process, we will do our best to get the clear explanations from the parties involved, so as to aid in the decision of the customers. Let PTCI finds what you actually need, and you will certainly have your money’s worth out of them.